The Rock is Now Campus Fellowship

The Rock is Now Campus Fellowship

You might have heard it about it or had someone remind you that The Rock, our college ministry group, is now known as Campus Fellowship.

Why the change? For years, college ministry groups within our association of churches have operated independently. But what if…all college ministry groups united under one name, with the same vision for Jesus, for His church, for campuses, for culture, for each other? And so, the name Campus Fellowship was adopted for all campus ministries – from Lincoln to Omaha to Manhattan to Wichita to Des Moines.

It may take some time getting used to the new name. After all, so many men and women spent some of their most memorable times in The Rock, learning to walk this life of faith and growing as believers. But change is good, and this ultimately is for the best, so get used to it: Campus Fellowship is here to stay.

The good news? Campus Fellowship continues to be all about building and maintaining community and friendships, taking care of one another, serving together, and outreaching so students can know all about Jesus. And of course, naturally, having a lot of crazy fun in between!

Campus Fellowship meets every Wednesday at 8 PM at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. For information on joining a Bible Study group, contact