Ladies Night Begins

Ladies Night Begins

It begins all over again. Every month, starting this September until May, on the second Friday of the month, Ladies Night takes place at Sower Church.

So, what is Ladies Night all about?

Well, let us tell you. 

“Our goal of Ladies Night is that we’d grow together relationally and spiritually, that new friendships form and familiar ones become stronger, that we’d grow spiritually by hearing truth from scripture, and that our knowledge and love for our Savior would grow because of our gatherings. We hope that God would be known and glorified in our times together,” said Hannah Unger, Women’s Ministry leader.

Well, there you have have it. If that’s something you hope to be a part of, join us. Mark those calendars. We hope to see you there!

Oh, and these sweet gatherings are sweeter when we break bread together. We share a meal and spend time getting to know one another before worship, a short message, testimony, or prayer.

If you are a part of a Community Group, your leaders will send out an email with a sign-up sheet. Sign up to bring something to share. It’s such a blessing to do so.

But if this is your first time attending Ladies Night, come. Be our guest.

If you attend regularly, we look forward to sharing this wonderful time with you. See you at 6:30 PM at our church building, the second Friday of every month.