Campus Fellowship Gears up for Fall & Beyond

Campus Fellowship Gears up for Fall & Beyond

When Zane and Faith Sherrer were hired as the new Campus Fellowship directors, they expected to be able to lead a college ministry without restrictions and guidelines to follow, the ones that have become so common during a global pandemic. Covid-19 changed everything for all us, including how two new college directors would approach their new position and upcoming school year.

The vision never changed, though. With the fall semester underway, Campus Fellowship still hopes to reach many students so they can come to know Jesus, get involved with Sower Church, and seek to better their university and community.

Already, in a short amount of time, God has shown his kindness to our college ministry. Through lake days, game nights, social media contacts, and one-on-one meetings, Campus Fellowship has welcomed new students and continued the friendships from the previous year. Fifteen students are now consistently attending Bible studies and our midweek service. There’s an eagerness in students’ hearts to get to know Jesus better, read their Bibles, and grow in their faith.

Campus Fellowship gatherings will look different for a while. Masks are required for all events to comply with the university and local health guidelines. But even then, with this “new normal” we are in, there’s much to be excited about as Campus Fellowship gears up for the fall semester and beyond.

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