Cross Conference

Cross Conference

Campus Fellowship, our college ministry, partnered with other Lincoln churches to host the 2021 Cross Conference at Sower Church, February 26th and 27th. The conference was designed for ages 18-25 (high school seniors, undergrads, and grad students). The topic: God’s plan has always been that the name of Jesus would be known in every corner of the world. We all have a part to play in this grand, global story of God.

 “The conference taught CF students more about leading out in faith and evangelizing. Before the semester even started, we were planning and praying about how Campus Fellowship could have more of an outward focus, and I’m excited that this conference shared that same desire to teach young people not just to know their faith, but to live it out,” Faith Sherrer.

Thank you for all your prayers for the Cross Conference! It went well thanks to our great God, and the amazing people who served with music, tech, and cleaning! We feel confident that God was moving in the hearts of our young students.


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