Sower 2021

Sower 2021

With 2021 coming to an end, as a church, we have much to be grateful for and to celebrate for all that God has done.

Restoration City Merge

In August, we merged with Restoration City Church. What a blessing to have pastors Dan Coke and Derek Rempe join our pastoral leadership team, and for Alex Bartle, Chloe Bartle, and Ryan Lovie to join our college staff team. The Restoration City Church faithful strengthened our community groups and church. The RCC/Sower merge has been an answer to prayer for more laborers to join Jesus in the harvest field.

Unified Church

We are living through some of the most divisive years many of us have experienced. As we are called to live in unity with one another despite our differences, Sower is in a place of peace with a vision and heart for the gospel. 

Community Groups

In the fall, we restructured our community groups to allow for growth and multiplication. There are currently 205 adults attending community groups, with the addition of 50 new people visiting and joining a group.

120 Members

Our members are the core of our church and a tremendous blessing. They are the ones who serve on Sunday mornings and behind the scenes, regularly attend community groups, lead our ministries and community groups, disciple one another, and so much more.

Brock and Megan Langley

We had the honor of sending Brock & Megan Langley as full-time missionaries to Alaska, a place they both felt led to do full-time college ministry. Brock and Megan serve as college directors at the University of Alaska-Anchorage to reach students with the gospel. You can read their latest newsletter here.

We are incredibly thankful for how God has led us in 2021. We trust and believe that Jesus loves His church, and He is building His church. His promises are true, and he is expanding His Kingdom, and that is something to look forward to as we begin a new year!