I need Him more than ever before.

At Candlewood, what is so uplifting to me is that Christ is truly front and center in everything. The leadership and congregation are focused on knowing and following Jesus, being changed by Jesus, and committing themselves to HIS mission. As I’ve come to understand it, that is what discipleship is all about.

Several years ago in Omaha I heard an Iron Sharpens Iron Conference speaker talk about “Getting and Spreading the DNA of Jesus.” I’ll never forget it. He said that the DNA of Jesus can be encapsulated in three things: Truth, Relationships, and Mission. I knew it was the Mission part of Jesus’ DNA that I was missing. Rarely did I ever share the gospel with anyone. Somehow, I thought that making disciples was optional. I hadn’t realized that it was a very real and important part of BEING a disciple.

The Spirit of God began to work on me that afternoon and I prayed earnestly that I would “get” God’s heart for HIS Mission in the world, and He is answering my prayer. Now, I want to obey Jesus’ Great Commission. I want to spread His truth, help others flourish in their relationships with God and others, and teach others to get all of Jesus’ DNA, including His Mission.

The best part I’ve found in joining Him in His Mission, is that I need Him more than ever before, and, because I need Him more than ever before, I’m growing again. I’m experiencing more of Him and His life in me than ever before. Why did it take me so many years to believe that Christ wants all His redeemed ones to join Him in His mission, and He could enable me to do it, I don’t know. But to me, it’s been a testament that He never gives up on us.