They’ve become my family and are now a part of my life.

I grew up Catholic, but I did not know much about God. I didn’t know if God knew me or cared about me, which made me indifferent. It made me wonder if church really matters in life, so I turned away from God. Since I was a troublemaker growing up, I escaped death many times. During those times, though, I felt that something bigger was in control of my mess.

One day, I met a man of God and he changed how I thought about God. I started reading the Bible, and in the year of 2010, I invited Jesus Christ to come into my heart. Then, I got baptized.

When I moved to Lincoln from Rwanda to pursue my education, it was an intense transition: culture, food, race, weather and viewpoints. When I got here, I needed to find a church. I Googled a lot of churches, but it was overwhelming. So I stopped searching and started praying for the right one.

One day, while I was studying, a member of Sower Church invited me to his church. I was a little skeptical, but I gave it a shot. What stood out to me was the people who made the church: they were welcoming, engaging, loving, caring and sympathetic. They’ve become my family and are now a part of my life.

The power of a supportive Christian community of people is that they make ways for us. They open new doors for us. They challenge us, and above all, they draw us near Jesus Christ.