How can I tell about what God is doing in my life? It’s so big, so all-encompassing. Yet, how can I not tell about what He is doing? He’s becoming part of who I am. He’s becoming real to me.

He talks to me when I feel sad or rejected and counsels me when I’m believing lies. He sends me people to change my day when I’m failing on my own. 

He has given me amazing relationships. People who love me unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and given me an understanding of God’s unconditional love. I hope that I may be able to love others like that, someday. 

I am sure that the biggest reason God brought me to graduate school at UNL was so that I would come to Sower Church. Even though I’ve had head knowledge of the Gospel since I was young, I’ve been pursuing God by trying to be perfect.

I never believed God loved me personally or that He really wanted a relationship with me. I never believed that other people really loved me or wanted a relationship with me either, and I tried to serve other people in order to earn their love. 

Now I am slowly understanding that God loved me while I was still a sinner, and that He still loves me and did, in fact, die for me. I’m slowly growing closer to God, thanks to His grace and the unfailing love of my church family and family at home.