The Acunas

The Acunas

Three and a half years ago, we came to Lincoln to start a training process at the university. The change was naturally quite strong for our small family; however, God continued to bless us greatly with a new member in our home and promise of hope for the rest of our lives. 

We are sure that our Lord set up everything so that we would meet the people of Sower Church and have the opportunity to get closer to Him through the guidance and example of our fellow believers. We understand that we alone cannot understand all that God wants for us. It is important to have a church, a community that helps us live our relationship with Christ in a consistent and honest way. 

Not only this, but we believe that all plans and decisions inspired by God, regardless of their size or worth, are confirmed in a transcendent manner. In October, we had a tremendous accident in which Caleb, our two and a half year old son, died; our daughter, Gabriela, was injured with a broken arm. We lived one of the most painful and disconcerting experiences for a family. 

In the midst of the turbulence of these events, our Lord did not leave us adrift. Through our family at Sower Church, we felt His immense love and support. We do not know how to thank all of the people who helped us. Words would not be enough to express our appreciation for their love and sympathy towards us. 

We believe that the best way to express our gratitude is to continue praying to God with a grateful heart that He will continue to bless them greatly and that Sower Church will always be sustained in the paths that God desires and wills for His children.