Sermons by Dan Coke (Page 2)

Sermons by Dan Coke (Page 2)

Gospel Culture

Good morning. So a church. Good morning. Good morning. How are you guys doing this morning? Who? You guys are doing? Really good. You’re enjoying your fellowship. That’s also good. My name is dan. I’m one of the five elders here. Um, if I haven’t met you yet, Look forward to meeting you. And if I have met you and I forgot your name, please forgive me. Um, I don’t do that on purpose as a part of my Brokenness,…

One in Christ

Amen. Let’s give it up for our college. Please be praying for Alex Chloe Ryan Zain faith Derek john as they are doing collegiate ministry on your behalf at U. N. L. This next couple weeks. This is go time. So welcome college students. If you’re on the livestream, welcome. If you’re from Solar Church, welcome. If you’re from Restoration City Church, welcome. If this is your first time visiting us welcome. There’s a lot going on this morning. It’s…

Being Perfected by Perfect Love

I told Shane and keeps stealing my thunder. I keep wanting to introduce myself to you as Mike Whitney to all of the, with the visitors here for the first time. Um, but he keeps stealing my thunder. So it’s dan coke passed the Restoration City Church on behalf of Restoration City Church was so thankful, uh, for you guys. For Sword Church. We love you guys. We pray for you guys and we thank you for all that you…
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