Parenting Conference 2

Parenting Conference 2

Parenting is a blessing and a privilege. If we’re also real for a moment, it’s also overwhelming, humbling, challenging, refining, faith-filling, exhausting, interesting, and maybe cause you to sigh every once in a while.

No one said parenting would be easy. It takes work, dedication, perseverance, allowing you to be desperate for God for help and guidance. When parents find themselves in times of joys and struggles, there is guidance from Jesus to raise children who can find their place in His kingdom.

This year, we have invited Ryan Johnston to lead our 2021 Parenting Conference. We hope you can join us as we go through the lessons and biblical guidance for real life parenting.

ABOUT ryan Johnston

Ryan is a director with the Send Network, the largest church planting network in North America. As a church planting catalyst, Ryan has been involved in helping church plants get established and grow. Before joining the Send Network, Ryan studied at Union University and at the Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary and pastored two churches. Ryan currently resides in Omaha. A father of 5, Ryan has plenty of real life parenting advice to share.