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The Gospel fuels all that we do. Jesus’ love is running straight towards people and we want to join Him in this great endeavor.


Our family genuinely serves and loves each other. No perfect people here, just those in need of Jesus. Come join us as you are!


God is incredibly generous to us and we strive to live generous lifestyles. Not just with money but with our time, our service, our love.

Latest messages

Desiring to Please God

Amen Amen. Well, good morning church, let’s uh let’s bring it on in. I love how friendly everyone is. Um it’s a great joy to be with you all this morning, my name is Alex if I haven’t met you yet, I’m on staff here at our church. I lead or co lead the college ministry christian challenge here at sewer. The pastors Mike, Shayne, Ben and dan have asked me this morning uh, to preach, they’ve given me and…

Psalm 24

Happy fourth of july weekend. Good morning. I’m thankful for the opportunity to spend a few moments of you looking at God’s word, I’m gonna share a short story and if I do my job right, I’ll tie it together here. Later in the sermon, this passage today reminded me of my trash this week. I have a have a street I live on and the lady that lives behind me, she’s this retired, sweet dear ex teacher of music…

Do Not Covet

Good morning, Welcome on this beautiful, amazing summer morning. My name’s Ben Nandor Pastor here at our church. We’re finishing the last commandments In our 10 commandments series. So today we’re looking at the 10th commandment which is do not covet. Do not covet coveting happens when someone really wants something and wants that thing that somebody else has. Okay, so it relates to a desire, a desire for something. And most often this happens in our hearts. As we…