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Parables Conference – Lincoln Bible Collective

February 24th & 25th at Faith Bible Church | Free to attend with Dinner and Lunch provided | Priority registration ends February 17th


SUNDAYS // 2640 R. St.
9AM or 10:30AM
or join us on our livestream at 10:30AM!

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A Thrill of Hope

Good morning everyone merry christmas, we’re so excited to have you all here to get to worship. Um and just praise um our God together. Um on this christmas morning we’re gonna do something a little bit different this morning. I’m going to read through our passage for the day. So if everyone would please stand if you are able to um as we read um our christmas passage will be in Isaiah 53. So if you would open there…

Meet the Team

I’m gonna read the passage, pray and then we’re gonna get into the teaching. So well you stand your feet, I’m gonna read this passage for us this morning again. This is closing out paul’s letter to the colossians Church, It’ll be verses 10 through 18 I’m sorry. Um yeah 10 through 18 to close out this letter um by the way, if you’re uh young and married and thinking about having kids here are some great names that you…

Pass the Salt, But Don’t Be Salty!

now that ties into our teaching this morning in colossians chapter four verses two through nine. You can go ahead and open your bible there, but this Sam being one of our community group leaders. We gather monthly with our community group leaders and we do some teaching there. It’s a little bit of iron sharpening iron. We want to help equip those guys to be more effective leaders within their community groups. But we’re also looking for guys who…


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