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9AM or 10:30AM
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Marriage Conference 2022

January 28th-29th // Sower Church
Fri: 7:00 – 8:30 PM
Sat: 9:00 AM -1:00 PM

Join us as we seek to strengthen marriages through practical biblical instruction and encouragement!


Our family genuinely serves and loves each other. No perfect people here, just those in need of Jesus. Come join us as you are!


The Gospel fuels all that we do. Jesus’ love is running straight towards people and we want to join Him in this great endeavor.


God is incredibly generous to us and we strive to live generous lifestyles. Not just with money but with our time, our service, our love.

Latest messages

Touch of God

Well, good morning, good morning, saw a church family, Good morning to those of you tuning, tuning in on the livestream, um and good morning to those of you who are new here, who I haven’t met, look forward to meeting you, my name is dan, I’m one of the elders here at our church and we are going to continue this morning in our Coverage of the Gospel of Luke and we are going to be in Luke chapter…

Shamelessly Persistent

jesus and his disciples went onto the villages around caesarea philippi on the way. He asked them who do people say I am? They replied. Some say john the baptist, others say elijah and still others, one of the prophets. But what about you? Who do you say? I am? Amen. Welcome. Good morning. If you’re on the live stream, welcome If you’re here in the room, welcome. Um, you reminded me Chloe of what I interaction I had with…

The Good Portion

well good morning and happy New Year to all of you and a big shout out to those of you who began with a New Year resolution to eat healthy that you’ve already paused until monday. My name is dan. Um if I haven’t met you yet, I’m one of the pastors here and we’re going to Continue our coverage of the gospel of Luke and we’re gonna begin in verse 21 this morning. But before we get there I…