New Here

New Here


Doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, we cannot wait for you to join us. If you can make it in before 9:00 AM or 10:30 AM, there’s a reward inside: fresh coffee and donuts!! We’ve got you covered: medium roast, a little cream, and seventeen pounds of sugar. However you like it, we’re not judging. Just head inside, greet some smiling faces faces, grab your coffee and head into service!

Start Time

Even if the music has started, you’re still welcome to come in! Heck, you’re welcome in if we’re almost done, too. The music starts at 9:00 AM for the first service or 10:30AM for the second service. Both services last around 60 mins. They start with live music and are followed by a dynamic message!

First Time Guests

Look for the people with the largest smiles (and the “Connect Team” lanyards) standing by the doors if it’s your first time. They can answer any questions, give you the lay of the land, and get your kids pointed in the right direction for childcare. If you want to connect further or want to get plugged into a Community Group, fill out our Connect Card! And if it’s your first time joining us, we have a small gift for you that you can get at our connect table.

seeking children’s ministry?

From toddlers to ‘tweens, we have children’s ministry specifically dedicated to everyone on Sunday mornings. You’re welcome to have them with you during the service, but if you’d like them to experience an environment geared towards their age, here’s what that looks like:

Little Ones

Before anyone is allowed into our childcare area, they must first register at the Childcare Check-In station. We gather all of the important details to take the best care of your child. You will receive a security code to show to the teacher after service to ensure you are the only person picking up your child. We also text you discreetly to get ahold of you if any needs arise during the service.  After your first time here, you only need to check them in and pick them up at the end.  Easy peasy. Our nursery rooms are for ages birth to 23 months and 2 to 3-year-olds.

Sunday School

The needs of a newborn and toddler are different than those of a six-year-old, so we have dedicated rooms separated by age. After the music and announcements, parents can walk their children upstairs to the Sunday School rooms. Feel free to meet their teachers and get familiar with where the room is located. After the service, parents can pick up their children upstairs at their classrooms. Don’t worry, they have signs on each classroom for each age group, in case you forget and are wandering around.

Just don’t forget to pick up your kids after the service, because you’re having such a good time!