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The Gospel fuels all that we do. Jesus’ love is running straight towards people and we want to join Him in this great endeavor.


Our family genuinely serves and loves each other. No perfect people here, just those in need of Jesus. Come join us as you are!


God is incredibly generous to us and we strive to live generous lifestyles. Not just with money but with our time, our service, our love.

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Jesus is Everything

it is good to be with you today. I I’m gonna be teaching today from Second Corinthians 5, 14 and 15. So if you have a Bible turn there, we’re gonna read that in just a minute. Um, yeah. So most important things you need to know about me is, uh, I’m married. Um, my wife, Debbie. She’s, um, can’t be with us today. We live in Papillion, Nebraska. Um, she is remarkable. We have five kids, and they are…

Attributes of a Godly Leader

All right. Good morning. It’s good to see you. Good to be with you if you’re joining us online. Thanks for joining us. Also today. We’re gonna continue with our Siris on first Samuel. And like Cindy said, we do have workbooks out in the lobby. Their $5 you can throw five bucks and the tide box. We have a ton of these. We would really like, you know, have them. They’re great to use for notes, uh, discussing in…

Courage to Continue

Amen. Good morning, Happy New Year. Merry Christmas. Good to see you all today. We’re excited about this new Siri’s looking for a leader. First Samuel, it’s It’s one of those unique times in the nation visuals history where they’re moving on between transitioning between the wild, Wild West judges season of their leadership structure to the first monarch. There’s a lot of fun wild stories in this in this book, so I’m looking forward to that before that. Welcome…