One Lord. One People.


SUNDAYS // 2640 R. St.
9AM or 10:30AM
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The Gospel fuels all that we do. Jesus’ love is running straight towards people and we want to join Him in this great endeavor.


Our family genuinely serves and loves each other. No perfect people here, just those in need of Jesus. Come join us as you are!


God is incredibly generous to us and we strive to live generous lifestyles. Not just with money but with our time, our service, our love.

Latest messages

The Law of Love

Thank you, Alex. Would you buy your heads in prayer with me? Oh, good and heavenly gracious father. We are so thankful that you are wise and almighty. Even now, Lord, all of your plans are being unfolded in history on the earth and at the very center of it is your people. You have called us to play a part. God. I thank you for your people here in the city, your church here in Lincoln where the gospel…

Building Eternal Wealth

Amen Herbert Dow, who is pictured here Uh is founded a company in 1895 called the Dow Chemical Company. And what he had done was he had invented a way that you could cheaply produce a chemical called bromine. And so he would sell it for 36 cents a pound around the US. He couldn’t sell it in Germany because there was a company there that also produced bromine and they had a monopoly on the market. And they uh…

Family Matters

Two things I regularly pray for my Children, my wife and I have five Children and two things that I regularly pray for them is first that they would know the Lord that they would know the love of God, that they would know it in such a way that it would change them, that it would ruin them for anything else other than a life committed to the Lord, jesus christ. And then the second thing that I’m constantly…