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The Gospel fuels all that we do. Jesus’ love is running straight towards people and we want to join Him in this great endeavor.


Our family genuinely serves and loves each other. No perfect people here, just those in need of Jesus. Come join us as you are!


God is incredibly generous to us and we strive to live generous lifestyles. Not just with money but with our time, our service, our love.

Latest messages

Awe & Fear

well, good morning. So church family, so good to be with you all this morning. Um and for those of you, I have yet to meet my name is Shane, Hunger. I’m one of the five elders here. So yeah, no, I’m not, I’m dan Shane fridge last week. Uh the first service really got that joke, you guys, I’m praying for you. Thanks this morning. We are going to look at the gospel according to luke. So we’re gonna…

Parable of the Soils

All right, good morning. Glad you’re here. Glad to be with you. If I haven’t met you, my name is Shane and one of the pastors and I’m gonna jump right into where we’re going today. We each fall, we cover a portion of Luke, the book of Luke. And so the last two falls, we’ve worked through a handful of chapters. We’re gonna be in Luke eight today. So that’s where we’re gonna start. Technically. I’m covering versus eight,…

Generosity Culture

good to see you all. My name is Mike. I’m one of the pastors here. So we’re church welcome if you’re on the livestream this morning. If you’re new this morning. If you’re not new this morning, welcome the labor Day weekend. This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it and we’ll rejoice for yesterday to yesterday was a good day to, for many of us care about that secondary thing. It’s…