Community Groups

Community Groups

Community Groups are smaller groups of people from church that meet on a regular basis to be in community. We dig into the sermons, we dig into the Bible, and we dig into delicious food together! We’re friends in and out of church.

Check out a community group and feel free to go where you fit best. We also serve together by community groups: in service projects, in serving our community, and our church family. Contact to find out more.


Community To have a community of believers serving and living life together is so powerful and real. Not only for ourselves, but for our kids and future generations.And life, as a family, can get pretty real, pretty quick. That’s why we know it’s God’s kindness that we have Community Groups that we can do life together with and learn from. We love meeting together and learning what God says about life and raising Christ-centered families!Our Community Groups don’t just consist…

Campus Fellowship

Campus Fellowship We’re living life, enjoying the college years, but that doesn’t mean that things are always Insta-worthy. Life is real. Life is hard. Real friends are rare to come by.  They walk with you through your struggles, real friends walk alongside you through the pain and carry you when you’re not sure who else is for you. We have become so much more closer than just “friends”.  We live, serve and take care of each other.  And of course,…

Young Professionals

The Good Life The Young Professionals, in a world so broken and hurting, aim to be much greater than ourselves at our jobs, in the church, in the community, extending the love of Christ that is given to us so freely. Most important of all, we are there for one another, helping each other discover that faith in the Lord always matters, even in the midst of careers, major life decisions, and especially when life gets a little tough. In…