Celebrate with Us!

Celebrate with Us!

We have officially purchased our building on January 17th! For nearly three years, we have been fervently praying for this building to save as a church. We are so grateful for many of you who have prayed, and many who have given in support for saving our church building from being sold to a commercial developer.

Since our last update in October of 2016, we have received an additional $40,305 in pledges and gifts, bringing us to a total of $442,409 in pledges and cash.

Though we are short of what is needed for paying the full mortgage and building repairs beyond the end of the three-year pledge, God has prompted us to move forward in the purchase, for many people have given generously, making a transaction possible, and more importantly, we meet new visitors without a church family each week, and we continue to see many changed lives as individuals get closer to God.

This fall, for example, Tony was invited by a friend to church. He had been plagued by fear from being hurt and deceived into criminal activity through people he thought were his friends. Today, he is in close friendship with young men and women and reads his Bible daily. He chose to be baptized and continually expresses thanks to God for giving him a new start in life.

Our Current Status:

  • We will make a $205,000 down payment and take a mortgage of $500,000.
  • Going by current data, we will have enough from the remaining pledges to pay the mortgage until May 30, 2019.
  • We also need to account for additional expenses, since this 40-year old building needs roof and window replacements to preserve structural integrity and keep the building usable for decades to come.

Since last summer, we have been sharing the story God is writing for our church with our friends and family, asking them to continue to pray and partner with us to preserve this church building needed in the heart of Lincoln. If you have partnered with us, either through a generous contribution or prayer, we THANK YOU. We believe that God will multiply even a few, small, generously-given gifts to accomplish far more than we can imagine. We’ve already witnessed it because otherwise we would not have bought this building!

Thank you for taking the time to read this update. May God bless and help you with everything He has given you to do.


-The Pastors