Couples, Families, and Beyond

Couples, Families, and Beyond


To have a community of believers serving and living life together is so powerful and real. Not only for ourselves, but for our kids and future generations.

Asian man serving a happy child a doughnut in a church lobby

And life, as a family, can get pretty real, pretty quick. That’s why we know it’s God’s kindness that we have Community Groups that we can do life together with and learn from. We love meeting together and learning what God says about life and raising Christ-centered families!

Group of 4 people talking around a table.

Our Community Groups don’t just consist of families though, they’re a mix of people from all stages of life.  We have a range of Community Groups that meet weekly to encourage, support and strengthen each other in our faith.  Please contact if you’d like to check one of them out.

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Two men sitting across from each other talking.