2019 Youth Soccer Camp

2019 Youth Soccer Camp

It’s back!

For the fourth summer, our church will hold its annual youth soccer camp that serves the Lincoln community by offering free soccer lessons for ages 3-13. The camp will be held every Saturday in June starting June 8th at 10 am at Peter Pan Park. Activities involve warm-ups, soccer drills and lessons, and soccer matches within each group.

Cool! Tell me More!

Kids will be placed in a team based on their age group so that each age group can receive the appropriate level of training. Here are the teams for 2019:

  • Flash F.C. for ages 3-5
  • Brave F.C.  for ages 6-7
  • Sporting F.C. for ages 8-9
  • Dynamo F.C. for ages 10-13

Sweet! Anything else I should know?

Parents can buy cleats and shin guards for their child(ren), but they are certainly not required. Kids do just fine with regular tennis shoes. We also recommend that parents are present before, during, and after each camp. You know, in case of an emergency (kids tend to fall sometimes, right?), and for them to be able to go right to their parent(s) when they want to during camp.


We think so, too!