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At Sower Church, we believe that God has called us to go make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20). We want to try and obey in that calling and grow the heart for overseas missions. This May, we are sending a team to Thailand for a 10-day mission trip and partnering with the International Mission Board (IMB) missionaries in Bangkok and Chiang Mai (northern Thailand).

We hope that this will be the start of a larger partnership with those missionaries in Thailand, and Sower will be able to send another team in 2024 for an entire summer and beyond. This year, we have seven individuals making the trip: Brandon Fellers, Dallas Powell, John Tessalee, Lynnette Hendrickson, Marcus Kennedy, Sarah Evert, and Veronica Hendrickson.

Thailand 2023 Team Members: Dallas Powell, Sarah Evert, Brandon Fellers, John Tessalee,
Marcus Kennedy, Veronica Hendrickson, Lynette Hendrickson

Join us in praying for these specific prayer requests right now:
1. Low-priced flight tickets
2. The trainings leading up to the trip
3. That God prepares the hearts of those going 
4. For hearts of the people in Thailand
5. That the team will be a blessing and not a burden

Ways to partner:
You can join the team’s prayer Slack channel where you can receive updates on the trip and pray. The team also has a giving platform to support individuals financially. Both links can be found here.

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  • Christine says:

    You know our daughter spent 19 months there as a student missionary. Thailand is a country that requires long commitments to gain trust and teach Christian worldview. She was a teacher in a music school led by career missionaries. They now have a church also.

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