Sermons on Luke

Sermons on Luke

Desperate for Jesus

Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. We are starting Luke End of Chapter eight. Names Mike. One of the pastors, it’s great to be a few this morning. Anyone heard the phrase desperate times, call for desperate measures. Here we go. Here we go. So the rest of you, there’s this phrase desperate times call for desperate measures to Luke. Chapter eight looks at two very different people in different situations that are in desperate situations. One,…

The Power of God

Good morning Sword Church family. Good Yes, thank you. Thank you for that. And good morning to those who are tuning in on the live stream and I think some of our students are doing that as well. I know a group of our students went down to Selena for a conference this weekend. I was just noticing that looking over here to the right, they like to kind of congregate in this area and I was like, where are…

Awe & Fear

well, good morning. So church family, so good to be with you all this morning. Um and for those of you, I have yet to meet my name is Shane, Hunger. I’m one of the five elders here. So yeah, no, I’m not, I’m dan Shane fridge last week. Uh the first service really got that joke, you guys, I’m praying for you. Thanks this morning. We are going to look at the gospel according to luke. So we’re gonna…
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