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'college ministry' Tagged Posts

Fall Launch: Here We Come!

With another fall semester set to begin, our college ministry is ready! Over the summer, our college ministry rebranded to Christian Challenge, continuing the mission to make lifelong, faithful disciples of Jesus Christ at UNL while committing to the local church! With the rebrand came a new logo, designed by our very own Chloe Bartle. The logo is a crown and symbolizes King Jesus, the One we serve. Each side of the crown resembles a “C” which together signify Christian…

Sower 2021

With 2021 coming to an end, as a church, we have much to be grateful for and to celebrate for all that God has done. Restoration City Merge In August, we merged with Restoration City Church. What a blessing to have pastors Dan Coke and Derek Rempe join our pastoral leadership team, and for Alex Bartle, Chloe Bartle, and Ryan Lovie to join our college staff team. The Restoration City Church faithful strengthened our community groups and church. The RCC/Sower…

Sower Summer Highlights

Summer has come to an end with school starting again. The end of summer is often bittersweet but let’s take a look at some of our Sower summer highlights! 

Campus Fellowship Gears up for Fall & Beyond

When Zane and Faith Sherrer were hired as the new Campus Fellowship directors, they expected to be able to lead a college ministry without restrictions and guidelines to follow, the ones that have become so common during a global pandemic. Covid-19 changed everything for all us, including how two new college directors would approach their new position and upcoming school year. The vision never changed, though. With the fall semester underway, Campus Fellowship still hopes to reach many students so…