Sower Campus & Restoration Campus (RC3) Merge

Sower Campus & Restoration Campus (RC3) Merge

As many of you know, this summer, Sower has had a big change by merging with Restoration City Church. Beginning August 15, our churches will officially begin to meet as one church. Under the leadership of our college staff, Zane and Faith Sherrer and John Tessalee – Sower Campus is now Restoration Campus (RC3) and will be joining with the Restoration City Church college staff Alex and Chloe Bartle, Derek Rempe, and Ryan Lovie.

Why the merger? This merger allows for more energy, gifting, and a larger group of students to both disciple and outreach too. This merger gives our college ministry a mass jump that allows for a college service on campus and to better serve UNL students. 

So Sower Campus is now Restoration Campus (RC3), and we are so excited to be joining with Alex, Chloe, Derek, and Ryan! All the college staff is close in age, and we are excited to see the team spirit among them.

Overall, this change is a very natural change for the group. Restoration Campus (RC3) continues to be all about building and maintaining community and friendships, taking care of one another, serving together, and outreaching so students can know all about Jesus!

Zane, Faith, John, Alex, Chloe, Derek, and Ryan ask for prayer that God would use Restoration Campus (RC3) to spread the gospel at UNL. There is so much to be excited about this Fall!

If you have any questions or need to talk to one of our pastors about the merger, please email us at