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Since that summer 2014 mission program that took Brock and Megan to Alaska, there was that hope that one day they could return. Alaska held a special place. It was where they met and where they both felt that God was calling them to do full-time college ministry.

At that time, Brock and Megan were not married. She, from Missouri, and he, from Mississippi, returned to their home states, but they reconnected after that summer, talking more often and sharing the same vision to return to Alaska one day. Eventually, they began dating and got married in 2016.

Though both wanted to return to Alaska, God had other plans for them, continuing to work with college students, first in the Ukraine in 2018 and then eventually in Lincoln, Nebraska. In the summer of 2020, they joined Sower Church, serving and becoming a part of a Community Group. That same summer, their former supervisor, Scott Belmore, who leads Mosaic Campus Ministry at the University of Alaska-Anchorage, brought up Alaska again, this time with a purpose.

Brock and Megan began to pray, and in January 2021, they began to make small steps of faith to move to Alaska. In February 2021, after six years of praying, waiting, and trusting God, they announced that they would move to Alaska later in the summer to be on staff at Mosaic.

The months ahead took them on a faith journey. They sold all their belongings, living out suitcases, helped Megan’s mom move to St. Joseph, MO, and traveled to raise support, gathering a team of ministry partners to pray for them, encourage them, and financially support the Langleys so they could do full-time college ministry.

By the end of July, Brock and Megan were ready and after nearly a year of praying, planning, and preparing, they made it to Alaska! They immediately got to work, preparing for the fall semester, rebuilding the campus ministry after Covid-19 closed down clubs/organizations since March 2020, and meeting students.

The work in Alaska to reach students with the gospel is fully underway. Join us as we continue to pray for Brock and Megan and financially support them through your generosity. If you would like to receive monthly newsletters from the Langleys, click here.

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