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Churches grow and change. This is normal and healthy and should be expected. In seeking growth, churches may look to expand, add more services, raise a new pastor, send missionaries, etc. By God’s grace, we have reached a point in our history where He has led us to merge with another church in Lincoln, Restoration City Church.

Since January, Restoration City Church has used Sower’s building for their Sunday services at 4pm. Pastor Dan Coke has preached at Sower twice in the past year. They are a church much like ours, with the same vision and purpose: sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, building authentic community, and making disciples.

Though both churches have operated separately, it was decided that both churches coming together would only make them stronger, unified under the same core values: Gospel, Community, and Generosity. Our pastors have been privately praying and pursuing this merger for a few years, desiring to be a support to Dan and his team in any way. As pastoral teams, we see an uncanny connection on many different levels and really sense God’s leading and His hand on this merger.

Starting August 15, our churches begin officially meeting as one church. Restoration City joins us on the community side, joining our Statement of Faith, membership, by-laws, and adopting the name of Sower Church. Our college ministry will join them as Restoration Campus (RC3). For Sower, we are blessed with the addition of their leadership team joining our pastoral team and college ministry staff. Over the coming weeks, most community groups will see a few RCC visitors. After a season of getting settled and connected, they will be joining community groups. 

We ask that you join us in prayer as we merge. First, that our gospel witness would be strengthened. Also, that as a result of this merger, a healthy, biblical, strong, united church would stay on mission for generations. Please pray that we would be a united church that doesn’t give the enemy an inch of our unity, and lastly, that God would give us wisdom and protect us.

As usual, if you have any questions or need to talk to one of our pastors about the merger, email us at

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