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From the initial teaser of the logo on January 5th, to the official unveiling of our new church name on January 12th, to sporting new t-shirts and hats, it’s been quite the month, hasn’t it?

It is an exciting time for our church, and we can give all the praise to God for building our church over the years by bringing faithful men and women who love and worship God in all they do. Sower Church is now in a position to be unique and identifiable in the city of Lincoln, and some of those ways are through the name, logo, and through you, the church.

The Sower Church logo is made up of an ā€œSā€ logo mark, with a seed at the center representing the seeds that Sower Church sows into the community through its core values ā€“ gospel, community, and generosity. The logo invokes a sense of growth and harmony, complimented by a minimalistic sans serif typeface that is soft yet sharp.

As exciting as the unveiling of the new name and logo have been, our identity as “sowers” of the Gospel, generosity, love, humility, commitment, and God’s word mean so much more than the marketing of the past month.

We hope you’re excited to be a part of Sower Church. God has given us a diverse and healthy church to carry out His mission as sowers to reach our city. So yes, rep that merch, but more importantly, invite people to church, share the Gospel, be generous, love all people, exemplify humility, faithfully attend Community Groups, commit to serving, and allow for God’s word to develop roots and grow in your lives.

*Special thanks to Lincoln-based graphic designer, Daniel Neuman, for partnering with us on creating our logo and brand.

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