Sundays @ Sower

Sundays @ Sower

Whether it’s your 250th Sunday or first time attending Sower Church, we cannot wait for you to join us at our 9:00 AM or 10:30 AM service! Sundays at Sower are special. It’s the one day of the week we gather to worship Jesus, listen to a pastor’s teaching, get connected, and enjoy the sweetness of fellowship.

What to Expect

As you walk up to the door, you’ll notice a friendly face opening the door. He/she is a part of our “Connect Team,” and they are there to welcome you and answer any questions, give you the lay of the land, and get your kids pointed in the right direction for childcare or Sunday School. If you want to connect further or want to get plugged into one of our Community Groups, fill out our Connect Card! And if it’s your first time joining us, we have a small gift for you that you can get at our connect table.

Want coffee? A donut? Both? Our Hospitality Team serves coffee and donuts up until each service starts. Just head on over to the multi-purpose room just past our main lobby to be served. We also have a self-service station for coffee/tea/water available for the duration of both services.

We begin each service with worship, and both services last around 60 minutes. After worship, one of our announcers for the week gives us the latest happenings at Sower and gives parents a few minutes after announcements to take their kids to nursery or Sunday school. During this two-minute period, greet someone near you.

One of our pastors will then deliver a sermon, lasting around 30 minutes, and the teaching usually focuses around a series or book in the Bible. After the sermon, a Community Group leader will share a communion thought on stage while a few members of our church pass out communion elements to remember Jesus’ sacrifice for us sinners. You do not have to be a member of Sower Church to participate in communion, but we do ask that those taking part in communion have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

After communion, we sing a hymn, and we receive a benediction, concluding our service. Folks usually stick around the main sanctuary or head out into the lobby or go grab another cup of coffee. This is usually a time to chat with people and say hello to friends.

You are welcome to stick around for as long as you want, but if you are staying beyond 10:30 am, the start of our second service, please head on over to our multi-purpose room to allow the 10:30 am service to worship.

We hope every Sunday is blessing to you, and you leave encouraged, believing that we serve a God who is good.

Should you have any questions, please email us at